SIMOPOD® is an innovative medical dressing: a wound spacer-shield in hypoallergenic medical-grade TPE.
It is a pierced cup-shaped shield.
It has a modular design: sections can be removed to fit many different sizes of wound.


For the treatment of wounds, cuts, scrapes, surgical wounds and sutures, conventional medical dressings (e.g., plasters, bandages and gauze) are used to protect the damaged skin and avoid infection from external pathogens.
However, blood and serum that accumulate in healing wounds form clots that often adhere to these dressings, making them difficult and painful to remove. In addition, the moist environment produced by any conventional dressing can lengthen the time it takes for a wound to heal.






SIMOPOD® acts as a protective spacer between wounds and conventional medical dressings.
Thanks its a semi-rigid structure in medical-grade TPE with special holes, SIMOPOD® creates a sterile and protective environment around the wound that favors its natural drying, guaranteeing rapid healing.
SIMOPOD® protects damaged skin from external contact, preventing the reopening of wounds during dressing changes.

SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 1

Unlike conventional medical dressings, SIMOPOD® does not come into direct contact with the wound.

SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 2

SIMOPOD® allows adequate ventilation, promoting rapid wound healing.

SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 3

SIMOPOD® protects the wound from external agents.

SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 4

SIMOPOD®’s shape allows ready access to the wound for easy application of creams and ointments, etc.


SIMOPOD® is applied over the wound; the device is fixed to the skin using medical adhesives applied on the side and front wings.
We recommend using SIMOPOD® by overlaying a plaster of the same size or applying a sterile gauze or bandage as a cover.

SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 5
SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 6
SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 7

Wound dressings using SIMOPOD® should be replaced every 24 hours.

SIMOPOD® is a modular device: it can be manually sectioned into single modules (strips) or several units can be applied together to cover larger wounds.

Do not use SIMOPOD® for more than 30 consecutive days.

SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 8


Medical device
Category: M (devices for general and specialist medicine)
Sub-category: M0499 (special medications)
Reference class: CLASS I (non-invasive appliances for temporary use).

Medical-grade Transparent TPE-S (SEBS) 90 +-3 SH/A

Reference standard:
USP Class VI – ISO 10993

Standard size of 4-module device:
75 x 65 mm (2.5″x 2.9″) | height: 10 mm (0.40″) | thickness: 1 mm (0.04″)

SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 9
SIMOPOD® Wound Shield Devices 10